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November/December 2008

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Communications Unified

The pieces of the puzzle are coming together as companies start taking UC seriously.

Golden Words

While Michael Phelps was making history in the pool, TTS was making sure people heard about it.

Waiting by the Phone

Why the U.S. watches and waits as Europe and Asia roll out interactive voice and video response technology.


Intervention via Automation

Boston Medical Center designs a federally funded IVR system to detect patients at risk of substance abuse.

Self-Service Becomes Multichannel

A wireless carrier adds text capabilities to its IVR channel to expand customer choice.


Editor's Letter

Speech Around the World

Forward Thinking

Tomorrow's Technologies, Today's Applications

We need to look beyond basic processing to fuller understanding.

In Other Words

Cutting the Cost of Translation

Plan for translation early in the design process.

Inside Outsourcing

Using Speech for Postcall Notes

Benefits include improved customer and agent satisfaction and lower average call handle time.


What Counts as VUI?

Learn the business rules before starting to design.

A View from AVIOS

The Holy Grail of Speech

Collaboration will expand speech recognition's potential

Voice Value

Making DTV for All with TTS

Technology could help the blind get vital information.

Speech Solutions

Voice Risk Assessment Solutions


Digium and Skype Collaborate on Business Phone Systems

Vendors combine on low-cost Skype for Asterisk for smaller firms.

Google's GAUDI Indexes Audio

The Internet search giant releases a took that makes audio in election-related videos searchable.

Industry Dashboard

The Half Empty and the Half Full

Nuance Acquires Philips Speech Recognition Systems

The deal increases the company's healthcare dictation business throughout Europe.


Under-the-radar speech news.

Speech Helps Hurricane Evacuees

Voxify's speech solutions handle call spikes from those forced out of their homes.

Tellme Adds a New Aspect to Its Call Center Offerings

Aspect and Tellme enter a partnership to expand IP solution.

University Project Could Yield a New Mobile Speech Application

MIT Researchers are developing a wheelchair that will navigate on its own in response to voice commands.

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