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March/April 2022

Magazine Features

Deepfakes: The Latest Trick of the Tongue

Tips to protect your organization against the growing threat of speech deepfakes.

Voice Biometrics Are Not 100 Percent Foolproof, but Steadily Improving

The technology has holes, but is more efficient than traditional password security.


Editor's Letter

Deepfakes Raise Ethical Questions

Any technology—no matter how well-intentioned—can usually be exploited by those who wish to do us harm.

In Other Words

Speech Technology’s Next Frontier: Developing Countries

Low-resource languages in South Africa and elsewhere are finally catching the attention of speech tech developers.


Why Speech Tech Is Key to a Well-Rounded Metaverse

Voice adds an exciting fourth dimension to 3-D virtual worlds.

Voice Value

People with Disabilities Helped Launch Speech Tech. Don’t Leave Them Behind

Design solutions that eliminate difficulties.


Natural Language Interfaces That Everyone Can Use

Users can differ widely in their ability to express themselves and understand.

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