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January/February 2010

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Speech Claws Its Way Forward

A slow speech recovery will follow a slow economic recovery.

SpeechTEK Hands-On: The Latest and Greatest

Lab sessions give companies the chance to showcase their newest products and services.

With Hard Work Comes Prosperity

In 2009, speech made the best of a bad economy.


A Delivery Service Configures Its Way to Savings

Outbound IVR saves Go Configure $70,000 in its first year.

A Preference for Speech

A healthcare provider switches from typing to transcription.


Editor's Letter

Promising Solutions for the New Year

Forward Thinking

Sakhr's Arabic Language Buddy

This is an iPhone application that gets it right.

Industry View

Start the Revolution Without Us

Speech is absent from the latest social networking innovations.

Inside Outsourcing

Is Your Self-Service Millennial-Friendly?

The new generation requires a new form of personalization.


Opening the Kimono

Lessons learned from some past speech deployment mistakes.

Voice Value

Shame on You, Amazon

The Kindle maker should never have backed down on TTS.


Updating the Standard for Spoken Dialogues

VoiceXML 3.0 should be out by the end of this year.

Speech Solutions

Speech-Enabled GPS Navigation Devices


Call Centers Violate PCI Standards

Ninety-seven percent still retain credit card information in call recordings.


Under-the-radar speech news

Speech Analytics Expected to Continue Rapid Growth

DMG's 2009-2010 Speech Analytics Market Report predicts increases through 2013.


Pimp my IVR through personalization.

W3C Tackles Emotion and Multimodality

New working drafts of standards are released by the Multimodal Interaction Working Group.

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