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March/April 2011

Magazine Features

At A Crossroads

Why today's market share dominance doesn't portend tomorrow's environment

Making Mobile Business-Appropriate

How speech is finding its way onto smartphones and saving you big bucks

What's In A Name?

Personalization means more than being on a first-name basis with customers


SendMe Does a High Five(9) Over IVR Savings

Strong growth prompted the mobile content provider to find a new vendor for a ‘rip-and-replace' system

Speech Is the True Blue Choice

Nexidia's QuickStart helps BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee save more than $1 million a year


Editor's Letter

Listen Before You Leap

The Business Case

Why Hosting Is Part of Your Future

Ignore it at your own cost

Forward Thinking

Combining IVR and Smartphones

Take advantage of today's visual displays and develop consumer product apps

Inside Outsourcing

Unify Communications Across Channels

Semantic parsing can mine a treasure trove of data


Unhappily Ever After

A fable about the limits of expertise

A View from AVIOS

Spoken Web for the Developing World

Project lets rural denizens with no technical expertise create web of information using a simple phone and speech technology

Voice Value

Year of Speech Coming? It’s Already Here

Technical hurdles remain, but the technology has become ubiquitous


Free Voice-to-Twitter Services Kept Egyptians Connected

Hotels Should Be Doing More with IVRs

Market Spotlight: Hospitality

Nuance Advances Into Voice Biometrics

Speech Industry to Gain Momentum, GIA Predicts

Wireless Customers Want Less Automation

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