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Spring 2014

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AT&T's Watson Answers the Call

Spanning decades, AT&T's Watson engine continues to evolve and entice developers.

IBM's Watson Brings Cognitive Computing to Customer Engagement

While the technology is still new, early developments are piquing interest in its future potential.

The Hidden Potential of Segmenting Customer Calls

Analyzing caller data can provide a gold mine of information that, when acted upon, can keep businesses and customers happy.

AT&T and IBM: Which Watson Works for You?

Both companies are committed to reshaping the future of speech-enabled interactions.


Speech Analytics Keeps Green Mountain Coffee Grinding

Calabrio ONE's speech and desktop analytics turn unstructured data into usable information.

Nautilus Puts Speech Analytics to Work

CallMiner Eureka is the right fit for the home exercise brand.


Editor's Letter

How Watson Will Affect VUI Designers

The Business Case

Speech Analytics Comes of Age

A wide range of vendor options lets businesses get exactly what they need.

Forward Thinking

The Death of the Public Switched Telephone Network

Assessing the damages of the NSA's actions.

Inside Outsourcing

Outsourcing Is Becoming a Cloudy Subject

Look past buzzwords when choosing speech-enabled solutions.


A Foolish Consistency in User Interfaces

When serving customers, a little change can be a good thing.

A View from AVIOS

Building Smarter Systems with Cognitive Computing

If speech technology is so valuable, why is adoption so slow?

Voice Value

Smartphones and Privacy Versus Progress

With personal information more available than ever, where do we draw the line?


Nuance Offers Virtual Assistance in the Cloud

Biometrics to Drive Voice Recognition Market Growth

Dictation Healthcare Apps Poised for Aggressive Growth

Global VoIP Service Revenue on the Rise

Siri Hits the Road in New Car Models

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