Speech Technology eWeekly - December 08, 2021


Captioning Sees an Impressive Pace of Progress

Technology advances are making real-time captioning possible, and progress has just begun.

Speech Technology News

Five9 Partners with WellSaid for Virtual Voiceover

Five9's Virtual Voiceover helps businesses create life-like conversational artificial intelligence synthesized from human voices.  

Kaltura and Verbit Expand Partnership for Video Captioning

Video technology provider Kaltura and captioning provider Verbit have broadened their partnership to provide video captioning amid rising demand.

NCI Sees 160% Increase in Demand for Captioning Amid COVID

The National Captioning Institute turned to automated speech recognition to meet growing demand for closed captioning.

Daisys Creates Customizable TTS Voices

Dutch company Daisys' speech technology innovation uses AI that lets voices be adjusted for speed, pitch, and more in real time.

SoapBox Launches Fluency to Assess Children's Reading Ability

SoapBox Fluency uses speech technology to pinpoint down to the phoneme level where students are getting stuck on their reading journeys.

TikTok Adds Disney TTS Voices

TikTok users can now have Disney characters narrate their videos.

Tobii's TD Pilot Brings Eye Gaze Typing and TTS to iPad

TD Pilot lets disabled iPad users communicate with TTS voices operated through eye-gaze technology.

Google Looks to the Disabled to Train Speech Algorithms

Google is looking for help from those with speech disorders as part of a Project Relate initiative to improve its speech recognition.