Speech Technology eWeekly - February 02, 2022

Speech Technology News

Speech-to-Speech Translation Poised for Growth

Technavio sees the global speech-to-speech translation market expanding by almost $240 million through 2026.

Magic Data Launches Conversational AI Datasets

Experiments show conversational data has better performance on ASR machine learning.

Vasco Partners with ReadSpeaker on Translator

The Vasco Translator M3 includes TTS voices from ReadSpeaker in multiple languages.

Waterfield Technologies Acquires VoxGen

Waterfield builds out its conversational AI capabilities by adding VoxGen to its portfolio.

ELSA Releases Speech Recognition and Feedback Engine API

ELSA's Speech API helps English language learners with an interactive platform.

Intelligent Voice Supports Justice for Change

Intelligent Voice has lent its voice technology to Justice for Change to make sense of audio recordings.

SoundHound Partners with Qualcomm

SoundHound is bringing its voice AI technology to Qualcomm's Snapdragon platforms.

ArkX Labs Collaborates with Sensory for Enhanced Speech Recognition

ArkX and Sensory will combine technologies for ultra-low-power, always-listening, and natural language touchless control.