Vasco Partners with ReadSpeaker on Translator

Vasco Electronics' new voice translator, the Vasco Translator M3, includes text-to-speech (TTS) voices from ReadSpeaker in multiple languages.

"We are delighted that Vasco has entrusted ReadSpeaker with providing a humanlike voice output for their award-winning product," said Roy Lindemann, co-founder and chief marketing officer of ReadSpeaker, in a statement. "We are proud that our rapidly expanding text-to-speech offering is facilitating conversations for end users around the world."

"Implementing the ReadSpeaker text-to-speech solution in our devices was a great experience. Well-documented and self-contained libraries helped us in rapid development. We were able to concentrate on the interesting parts rather than focusing on the implementation details," said Rafal Rojowski, Vasco Electronics' technical lead, in a statement.

The Vasco Translator M3 includes a precise microphone and an up-to-99 percent background noise reduction. Users just switch it on, choose two languages, press a button, and the Vasco Translator M3 will translate the conversation and will speak out loud. The device also features a photo translator that translates from photos of signs, menus, foreign newspapers, etc.

The Vasco Translator M3 boasts an accuracy rate of 96 percent. It is equipped with a SIM card offering free, lifetime and unlimited data for translations in almost 200 countries.

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