Speech Technology eWeekly - March 30, 2022


The 2022 State of Artificial Intelligence

Accuracy improves, but privacy concerns loom.

Speech Technology News

Deepgram Expands to 23 Language and Dialect Speech Models

Deepgram has expanded the languages supported by its speech recognition technology.

Marco's Pizza Tests Automated Voice-to-Text Ordering

Marco's Pizza is piloting a voice application that uses conversational AI to accept digital orders.

Quantinuum Updates Its Iambeq Quantum Natural Language Processing Toolkit

Quantinuum's updates to Iambeq provide researchers and developers more options and flexibility in turning sentences into quantum circuits.

Voxware Debuts VoxTempo

VoxTempo is a natural language voice recognition engine for warehouse operations.

NVIDIA Updates Riva Speech, Recommender System, and Hyperscale Inference

NVIDIA has updateds its entire NVIDIA AI platform, including its Riva speech AI SDK.

Augnito ASR Enhances Reporting for Wellbeing Software

Scribetech's Augnito integrates with Wellbeing's Radiology Information System.

HealthCare Synergy Partners with nVoq

HealthCare Synergy selects nVoq as its preferred speech recognition provider.

Academy Awards Feature Captions and Audio Descriptions

When the Oscars are presented on Sunday, VITAC and Audio Eyes are providing captioning and audio descriptions during ABC's broadcast.

Google and Bolverk Launch "Voice Attorney" Game

Google and Bolverk Games launch the fully voice-controlled game "Voice Attorney" on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max.

The View from AVIOS

The Path Ahead (and Behind) for Conversational AI

You have to crawl before you can walk (and talk).