Speech Technology eWeekly - July 08, 2009

Case Studies

Voters Decide in Favor of an IVR

Voter registration and complaint systems were a hit during the 2008 national elections.



Is the Promise of Outbound IVR All Talk?

Speech Technology News

Ifbyphone Unveils Virtual Call Center Service

The hosted offering provides alternative to busy signals, call waiting, and voicemail for time-sensitive customer calls.

MacSpeech Ships MacSpeech Dictate Legal

The first speech recognition dictation solution for the Macintosh will understand more than 30,000 legal-specific words and terms.

OnState Announces Support for Google Voice

Business users of Google Voice can now transform it into a virtual PBX and call center.

Loquendo Embedded ASR Now Available for Symbian OS

The release is available in all "major languages."

SpinVox Powers 0800TXTMUM

The initiative aims to help children contact their parents.

Digium Releases First Hardware-Based Voice Compression PCI Express Card for Asterisk Systems

The release conserves CPU resources in large, custom Asterisk installations.

Stratix Partners With Vangard Voice

The partnership aims to to speed enterprise mobile applications.