Speech Technology eWeekly - October 28, 2009

Case Studies

Across the Digital Divide

A police department gains efficiency with digital recording and transcription software.

Speech Technology News

Nexidia Launches ESI—Monitor and Agent Assist

The solutions provide real-time analytics and agent support in contact centers.

KLAS-TV Turns to Pronexus to Create Time and Weather IVR Solution

IVR toolkit VBVoice used to quickly develop self-service application.

Ifbyphone Releases Version 3.1 with More Customized Tools

New features include robust reporting, reseller portal, and API advances.

Voxbone’s iNum Service Speaks in High Definition With Skype

In-the-room sound quality available as Voxbone adds support for Skype's SILK wideband audio codec.

Fonix Launches VoiceSync 1.0

New speech recognition technology for animation developers generates phonetic data and timing to create human-like lip and facial movements.

Prosodie and PerSay Team Up

The companies will offer hosted voice authentication solutions.

Forward Thinking

Crossing Species Boundaries

Identifying speech patterns in dairy cows challenges researchers.