Speech Technology eWeekly - March 28, 2006


Video Interactive Services with VoiceXML

According to Dave Burke, CTO of VoxPilot, and Scott McGlashan, CTO of Hewlett-Packard's OpenCall Media Platform, "Self-service interaction is evolving from Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR)."

Q & A

Dr. Ami Moyal, CEO of NSC

Speech Technology Magazine interviewed Dr. Ami Moyal, CEO of NSC to discuss current issues.

Speech Technology News

Evolve Selects IBM ViaVoice Command & Control from Wizzard Software

Evolve has chosen IBM ViaVoice Speech Recognition SDK to power their air traffic control voice-activated proficiency training devices.

LXE Mobile Computers Certified for Voxware's VoxBrowser

LXE, a manufacturer of rugged mobile computers for wireless data collection, received certification on its VX6, VX7, MX3X and MX7 computers to run Voxware's VoiceXML Browser, VoxBrowser

Nuance Finds Consumers Want Speech Access to Popular Phone Features

Nuance Communications released the results of a recent survey regarding user interest in the use of speech technology for mobile phones.

Standardization, Open Platforms to Boost Enterprise Deployments of Speech

Frost & Sullivan released a virtual brochure, which provides manufacturers, end users and other industry participants with an overview of the latest analysis of the EMEA telephony-based speech technologies and solutions markets.

MicroAutomation Appoints New Chief Technology Officer

MANASSAS, Va. - Wayne Ramprashad has joined MicroAutomation as chief technology officer.>

Witness Systems Appoints Vice President of Information Systems and Technology

ATLANTA - Witness Systems appointed Greg Higham as vice president, information systems and technology.>

Kurzweil Educational Systems Releases Kurzweil 3000 for Windows Version 10

Kurzweil Educational Systems unveiled Kurzweil 3000 for Windows Version 10 at the 2006 California State University of Northridge (CSUN) "Technology and Persons with Disabilities" Conference.

NICE Releases Active VoIP Recording Solutions

RA'ANANA, Israel - NICE Systems released its next generation VoIP active recording solutions.

Metaphor Solutions Launches Plug & Play Web Site for Deploying Speech IVR Solutions

WELLESLEY, MASS. - Metaphor Solutions launched its Plug & Play Speech IVR, a Web-based solution for customers to customize and deploy packaged speech IVR (interactive voice response) applications.

SpeechSwitch Partners with Wessan Interactive

Wessan Interactive has chosen to partner with SpeechSwitch for the custom development of IVR applications incorporating a speech recognition engine.

Eicon Networks Releases Diva Server SIPcontrol Product Support for Vocalocity Voice Browser

Eicon Networks is delivering Telephony Interface SIP Control drivers for the Vocalocity Voice Browser

BeVocal Releases Intelligent Offer Management for Wireless Carriers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - BeVocal released Intelligent Offer Management (IOM), a marketing system that helps wireless carriers to deliver tailored marketing messages and product offers within customer self-service interactions.

Loquendo Releases New Acoustic Models for Loquendo ASR

Loquendo released Loquendo ASR with two developments: acoustic models for the Aurora Distributed Speech Recognition (DSR) now in U.K. English and German, and acoustic models for the French language.

Acapela Partners With Parliant, App-line, AssistiveWare, and Cephalo Campus

Parliant chose Acapela text to speech to give a voice to its new Mac-based PhoneHerald Broadcast Dialer; App-line chose Acapela to speech-enable its Sibilo range; AssistiveWare chose Acapela golden tones for VisioVoice for Mac OS X; and Cephalo; Campus chose Acapela's golden tones to give a voice to its unified messaging service range.

MacSpeech Releases ScriptPak for Preview

SALEM, N.H. - MacSpeech released a new ScriptPak for Apple's Preview application.

Wizzard Software Provides GAI-Tronics with AT&T Natural Voices for Call Management System

PITTSBURGH — GAI-Tronics® has licensed AT&T Natural Voices® Text to Speech (TTS) SDK to add TTS capabilities to their GAI-Tronics CMA (Call Management Application).

App-line Releases Sibilo Voice Version 4

Sibilo Voice version 4 integrates VoIP without a voice card.

Voxware Releases VoiceLogistics Pro

Voxware released VoiceLogistics Pro, a software product empowering logistics solution providers to deliver voice solutions to the warehouse.

Open Solutions Enhances Maxxar Voice Response with LumenVox Speech Recognition Technology

GLASTONBURY, Conn., and SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Open Solutions Inc. selected LumenVox to enhance its Maxxar interactive voice response telephony solution.