Speech Technology eWeekly - January 11, 2017

Speech Technology News

NICE Launches Nexidia Analytics

Nexidia Analytics offers interaction analytics via omnichannel "listening" to know what customers and prospects are saying and then analyze those conversations to tailor experiences to their stated needs. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

SourceNext Launches iGotcha Voicemail Transcription

The iGotcha mobile app delivers instant voicemail transcripts in 11 languages across text, email, Facebook Messenger, or push notifications.

Nuance Adds More Intelligence to Dragon Drive

Nuance extends Dragon Drive's capabilities to other passengers in the car and includes text messaging.

Jumptoit Integrates with Microsoft Office and Azure and Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform

Jumptuit users can now edit documents and perform other tasks by voice through Microsoft and Google integrations.

Sensory Launches VoiceGenie

Sensory's VoiceGenie enables a hands-free experience on Bluetooth devices through Alexa integration and embedded artificial intelligence.

Greenwave Systems Introduces AXON Platform for Conversational IoT

Greenwave's AXON Platform for Conversational IoT is powered by voice technologies from Nuance.

Speech Analytics to Hit $1.64 Billion by 2025

Grand View Research expects the speech analytics market to grow by double digits over the next nine years. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

Voice Recognition Market to See Double-Digit Growth

BCC Research expects the voice recognition market to hit $185 billion by 2021.