Speech Technology eWeekly - January 18, 2017

Speech Technology News

European Project Seeks to Advance Speech in Smart Homes

The EU project "LISTEN" is working on a robust, hands-free speech control interface for smart home systems.

Clarabridge Tailors a Customer Solution for Banks

A comprehensive industry solution lets retail banks collect and act on customer feedback.

Neiman Marcus Last Call Stores Roll Out Theatro Voice-Controlled Wearables

Sales associates use Theatro's wearables to communicate with each other and back-office systems to improve customer interactions.

ReadSpeaker Adds a Spanish Voice

ReadSpeaker now offers a Spanish text-to-speech voice from rSpeak Technologies.

Speech Processing Solutions to Release Philips Voice Tracer

Voice Tracer is the latest line of digital audio recorders and dictation devices.

SoundHound Houndify Powers Sharp's RoBoHoN

SoundHound's technology voice-enables the new RoBoHoN robotic smartphone platform from Sharp.