Clarabridge Tailors a Customer Solution for Banks

Clarabridge, a provider of customer experience management (CEM) solutions, has launched a customer feedback solution that uses speech-to-text translation and natural language processing, designed specifically for the retail banking industry.

This new offering will help companies collect customer feedback. In-depth insight allows companies to reduce customer churn, streamline operations and increase revenue with a unified snapshot of customers' needs. Clarabridge's tailored industry solution empowers banks with dashboards customized to the unique workflow of the industry. Feedback can be collected through surveys, call transcripts, online review sites, complaint files, and more.

Features available to financial services companies include the following:

  • Enhanced natural language processing (NLP) capabilities: Speech-to-text transcription features and new category models featuring natural language processing and sentiment logic tuned for retail banking enable executives to evaluate employees' call center interactions.
  • Omnichannel feedback integration: Consolidating feedback from all online, in-branch, and mobile customer touchpoints into dashboards tailored to user needs.
  • Advanced segmentation of feedback by demographic to help banks understand who their customers are and their individual needs.
  • Immediate, timely social customer service, helping banks understand customer feedback shared across social channels and addressing their questions and concerns as they come in.

"The retail banking industry is changing at a rapid pace, and cookie-cutter customer service simply doesn't do the trick anymore," said Julie Miller, vice president of product marketing at Clarabridge, in a statement. "As this generation of digital natives gains more spending power, retail banks need to be easily accessible and delivering a seamless experience across all touchpoints or risk leaving money on the table. At Clarabridge, we've built a solution that allows banks to capture and respond to feedback in a timely and cost-effective manner, while illuminating ever-evolving customer perspectives in an industry ruled by long-term loyalty and customer referrals."

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