SoundHound Houndify Powers Sharp's RoBoHoN

SoundHound's Houndify voice-enabling conversational intelligence developer platform has been incorporated into a prototype of Sharp's RoBoHoN robotic smartphone platform that powers devices, including robots, and provides the environment to accommodate intelligence functions and service providers.

Houndify's proprietary artificial intelligence is integrated into RoBoHoN and learns from RoBoHoN's users over time, to offer more natural communications and better understand each user's needs. With the Houndify integration, RoBoHoN users can speak to the device more naturally and receive flexible answers about weather, sports, stocks, flights, hotels, restaurants, music, movies, and more. SoundHound's proprietary SoundHound song recognition technology is also integrated into RoBoHoN so users can identify songs they hear and access deep music knowledge.

"Our goal when developing the Houndify platform was to create the world's first fully agnostic voice and A.I. technology that allows anyone to easily add a voice-enabled, conversational interface to any app or device," said Keyvan Mohajer, co-founder and CEO of SoundHound, in a statement. "We are incredibly excited to work with a legendary consumer electronics company such as Sharp, which has welcomed our proprietary technology into their robotic platform to bring their vision for connected devices like RoBoHoN to life."

"We have been extremely impressed to see how users can interact with RoBoHoN like they do with an actual human through SoundHound's built-in Houndify technology," said Yoshisuke Hasegawa, president of the IoT Communication Business Unit of Sharp, in a statement. "We expect both Houndify and SoundHound's song recognition technologies to enrich our RoBoHoN platform's overall user experience and solidify it as a must-have item for everyone from children to seniors."

In 2015, SoundHound introduced the Houndify platform. About 20,000 partners, including SamsungNVIDIA, and Rand McNally, have already signed up; hundreds of products are being Houndified. Houndify is fully independent and platform-agnostic. Houndify provides all the technology ingredients, including speech recognition, natural language understanding, and developer tools.

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