Speech Technology eWeekly - August 16, 2017

Speech Technology News

AppTek Announces Media Syncing Platform

AppTek's Auto-Sync Platform aligns existing transcripts to the original media asset.

APCO Taps IBM Watson to Report on Emergency Calls

Watson Speech-to-Text and Analytics will be used on pre-scripted content by public safety answering points (PSAPs) during emergency calls.

LumenVox Partners with M&C

M&C Associates achieves LumenVox Skills certification.

Winscribe Launches Winscribe Text Version 8.3

Winscribe's Text 8.3 medical document management system provides new features that enable better documentation control and improved efficiency.

Voices.com Acquires Voicebank.net

The deal expands Voices.com's position in the voice-over industry and opens it to new markets.

Acapela Partners with AI

Acapela Group and AI, a Japanese TTS provider, have signed a partnership for advanced multilingual speech solutions.

GreenKey Awarded Patent for Scribe

GreenKey has received a U.S. patent for its speech-to-text engine for financial markets.

VoiceBase Partners with Voxbone

VoiceBase integrates its recording and speech analytics offering into Voxbone's communications platform.