Speech Technology eWeekly - April 11, 2018


SpeechTEK 2018: Designing Voice for Accidental Narcissists

It's time to stop iterating and start innovating when it comes to customer experiences.

Case Studies

FHN Drives Transcription Costs Down with M*Modal

Using M*Modal speech recognition, Freeport Health Network sees smoother clinical documentation.

Speech Technology News

SpeechTEK 2018: Is the AI Winter Finally Over?

SpeechTEK 2018 is under way, and according to Brian Garr, the "AI Winter" might finally be over, thanks to DNN.

Inbenta Releases New APIs and SDKs for its Enterprise Chatbot

Inbenta, the natural language search and conversational platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI),  announced the release of its new APIs and SDKs for its enterprise chatbot technology.

Google Aims to Improve Call and Video Transcription with New Cloud Speech-to-Text

Google introduces new voice and video transcription models.

Microsoft Says Talking to XiaoIce is More Like Talking to a Person

Microsoft says its made a chabot capable of communicating more like a real person.

Speechmatics’ Custom Dictionary Helps Live Broadcasters 

Speechmatics announced the launch of Custom Dictionary, a new feature for the company's current speech-to-text transcription offering.

NTT Communications Launches COTOHA

NTT Communications introduced support service incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Industry Voices

Hard Metrics for Soft Skills: Using Voice Analytics in Leadership Development

We all know a good presentation when we hear it - but the question is, which speech characteristics contribute to that greatness? Speech analytics can tell us.