Speech Technology eWeekly - June 26, 2019


Voice Assistants Are Changing Shopping—Are You Ready?

Voice shopping will only become more prevalent going forward, and retailers must take an interest in the technology or risk being left behind

Speech Technology News

Tethr and Red Box Announce Partnership to Accelerate and Simplify the Delivery of Voice of Customer Analytics Solution

As part of the integration provided by the partnership, customer voice conversations captured on the Red Box platform can be seamlessly ingested into Tethr's AI-based platform, transcribed and mined for business insights.

New Version of ReadSpeaker webReader Now Available

Following a fruitful customer usability study, the company decided to rethink the solution so that it is even easier to use for anyone accessing content online.

Industry Voices

Why Speech is Emerging as the Preferred Interface for Self-Service

Advances in conversational AI are removing those barriers to adoption. That, coupled with changing consumer behavior, is causing speech to become the preferred interface for self-service applications.

Video: The Current State of Conversational Systems

Conversational Technologies Principal Deborah Dahl discusses the state of the art for the three pillars of conversational systems in this clip from her keynote at SpeechTEK 2019.

Humanizing Voice Technology to Connect with Patients

Wolters Kluwer Health turned to VUI to keep patients engaged, on-track and, ultimately, healthy. Along the way, the team also discovered empathy in technology.