Speech Technology eWeekly - September 02, 2020


Teaching with Speech

Voice technology has infiltrated the learning environment, improving schools for students and educators alike

Speech Technology News

HandsFree Health Adds WellBe Voice-Based Assistant to Newegg

HandsFree Health's WellBe is now available on Newegg's tech marketplace.

Cisco to Acquire BabbleLabs

Cisco will add BabbleLabs' noise cancellation and speech enhancement technologies to its collaboration products.

SoundHound Houndify Powers In-Car Assistant in Honda’s Newest European Models

The New Honda e and Jazz models feature the voice-enabled Honda Personal Assistant with natural language capabilities.

ReadSpeaker Launches Neural TTS Engine for Custom Voice Development

ReadSpeaker Neural TTS Engine is a deep neural network engine powering the company's voice enablement platform.

Speech Processing Joins RingCentral’s Channel Partner Program

RingCentral users can now have call recordings transcribed by Phillips SpeechLive.

3M Launches 3M M*Modal Virtual Assistant for Hey Epic!

3M's virtual assistant technology lets clinicians conversationally complete documentation tasks within Epic electronic health records.

Satisfi Labs Launches Google Assistant Integration Across MLB Teams

15 MLB teams will launch voice-enabled interactive search engines to provide a full-fan experience.

Deepgram Unveils AutoML for Speech Recognition

Deepgram's AutoML is the first tool of its kind built specifically for automatic speech recognition (ASR). 

Sonde Health Acquires NeuroLex Labs

Sonde Health gains a voice survey and data acquisition platform with its acquisition of NeuroLex.