Speech Technology eWeekly - May 05, 2021

Speech Technology News

Azoomee and Da Vinci Media Partner with Transperfect for Translation and Dubbing

The educational content providers turned to TransPerfect's MediaNEXT platform to translate titles into Spanish and Italian.

SpinSci Partners with LumenVox

SpinSci adds LumenVox speech and voice biometrics solutions to Epic EHRs.

Unisys Partners with PerVoice

Unisys adds automatic speech recognition technology from PerVoice into its InteliServe platform.

Zammo.ai Launches No-Code, Cross-Platform Conversational AI Solution

Zammo.ai's conversational AI works across voice assistants, IVR/telephony, and chatbots.

UCHU Integrates with Aculab

UCHU has integrated its UCHU Hub with Aculab's VoiSentry.

MeetKai Launches AI Conversational Assistant

MeetKai's virtual assistant is capable of understanding and remembering the context of questions.

Dotlines Group Integrates Aculab VoiSentry

Dotlines Group adds Aculab's VoiSentry voice biometric system into Dotlines' Pulse - CXM.

Instreamatic Raises Funds to Scale Interactive Voice Advertising

Instreamatic's $6.1 million investment will bring AI-fueled voice ads to more companies and consumers.

Industry Voices

Where Speech Is Going and Why Security Will Be Integral in the Coming Years

As speech becomes more widespread, securing data is of paramount concern.

Market Spotlights

Market Spotlight: Nonprofits Use Speech to Their Benefit

With limited budgets and resources, many nonprofits find it difficult to adopt new technologies as quickly as for-profit entities. But that disadvantage is lessening, thanks to more affordable and accessible speech products.