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not able to get the proper service would take their complaints to their state legislators or the governor's office. "I haven't received a single complaint since the implementation," Bowman adds.

With the new system, the customer experience begins with a self-service system that collects caller information and then routes calls to the appropriate caseworkers. Before the caseworkers answer the calls, the Genesys solution provides detailed information about who is calling and why.

By creating a system that distributes workflow evenly while enabling managers to monitor phone conversations, the Office of Child Support has been able to reduce call volumes and increase the quality of customer care. Inbound call volume has dropped from 26,000 calls a month to around 16,000. This is because with the previous system, callers might have tried two or three times to reach someone. Calls that did get through were sometimes answered by nonqualified personnel.

As an added benefit, "the tone of the conversations is much different now," Bowman says. That has led to an increase in employee morale and efficiency, she adds.

Caseworker productivity has increased by 40 percent; case backlog and case escalations have been practically eliminated. Added efficiencies brought on by deploying the technology in a virtual environment have given 90 percent of caseworkers the ability to work from home.

Another key to the success of the deployment was the fact that the Office of Child Support worked closely with its caseworkers when implementing the Genesys Customer Experience Platform. Caseworkers don't consider themselves to be call center agents, so the deployment had to be framed in that context. Collaboration included organizing job shadowing and focus groups as well as involving caseworkers in design sessions and process improvements.

Furthermore, the initial Genesys implementation has established a proven, scalable solution for the Office of Child Support to leverage in the future as it works to allow a broader network of child support professionals to access and use the platform across the state. Currently, only the Office of Child Support caseworkers are using the system, but the Michigan Child Support Program also has under its jurisdiction prosecuting attorneys, enforcement agents, Friend of the Court offices, and other personnel. The program has more than 2,300 workers, and the goal is to expand the Genesys platform to many of them as well.

"People don't call us unless they need us. Now, we get to all of those people quickly," Erin Frisch, director of the Office of Child Support, said in a statement. "Our mission is to make change and increase the permanent well-being and self-sufficiency of Michigan families. By simplifying our system and empowering our caseworkers, we no longer have to waste time on technical difficulties but can instead have meaningful conversations that can change lives."

"The Michigan Office of Child Support's amazing results are the perfect example of how innovative technology can fuel real social change and make a positive impact for citizens," said Tom Eggemeier, chief customer officer at Genesys, in a statement. "We are honored to be a part of this important work supporting Michigan families."

App at a Glance

Since deploying the Genesys Customer Experience platform in January 2014, the Michigan Office of Child Support has seen the following results:

  • response times have dropped from an average of two weeks to five minutes;
  • employee productivity has increased 40 percent;
  • call volume went from 26,000 calls per month to 16,000; and
  • case backlogs and escalations have been practically eliminated.

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