The 2015 Speech Industry Implementation Awards

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Time is money, as the old adage goes; but time, or the saving of it, also leads to a better customer experience. Efforts to become more efficient take on a special urgency when the enterprise in question is a state agency and the customer a single parent in need of assistance, or when the business is a medical nonprofit and the customer a patient requiring affordable medicine. This year’s Implementation winners, like the two above, show how effectively IVR and speech analytics can be deployed to increase efficiency in service of the customer—whether in the private or public sector. 

The 2015 Implementation Award winners, presented in alphabetical order:

Afni (vendor: CallMiner; product: CallMiner Eureka)

Grand Home Furnishings (vendor: Splice Software; product: Dialog Suite)

Michigan Office of Child Support (vendor: Genesys; products: Genesys Customer Experience Platform, Genesys Interactive Voice Response, Genesys Advisor, Genesys Survey, and Genesys Interactive Insights)

Rx Outreach (vendor: VoltDelta; products: Delta Dialog IVR voice self-service and speech recognition, and DeltaCast outbound/inbound automation)

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