The 2017 Speech Industry Implementation Awards

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The swift expansion of speech technology in the consumer realm has often overshadowed its perpetual value to businesses of all types. Our 2017 Implementation Award winners include an energy supplier that switched its call center self-service to natural language understanding and saw a return on investment a year ahead of schedule; a healthcare provider whose doctors can now dictate real-time patient notes by speaking into their smartphones; and a debt services firm that’s harnessed in-progress call analytics to help its agents comply with regulations while providing better consultation. These user company standouts demonstrate that no matter the industry, a well-deployed speech solution can deliver outcomes that help customers and bottom lines alike.

The 2017 Implementation Award winners, presented in alphabetical order:

FirstEnergy (vendor: Convergys; product: Convergys Natural Language Understanding IVR Platform)

Nebraska Medicine (vendor: Nuance Communications; products: Dragon Medical One, PowerMic Mobile, Dragon Medical Advisor)

State Collection Service (vendor: CallMiner product: CallMiner EurekaLive)



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