The 2017 Speech Industry Luminaries

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You might have heard a bit about artificial intelligence in recent years. Our five Speech Luminaries were surely paying attention, for they each have overseen products that put AI technologies to dramatic use. The results of our recipients’ labors: speech recognition that uses machine learning to add almost any language automatically; a verification system that, thanks to deep learning, can analyze 1 million hours per day of conversational data; an audio mining product whose machine learning can gather customer sentiment and intelligence and monitor service quality across a range of verticals; a deep learning–based voice platform for speech recognition and natural language understanding (NLU) that runs entirely on-device; and an NLU engine infused with AI that borders on true human-level interaction. Here, we celebrate the visionaries behind these innovations.

The 2017 Speech Industry Luminaries: Tom Ash

The 2017 Speech Industry Luminaries: Yishay Carmiel

The 2017 Speech Industry Luminaries: Jeh Daruvala 

The 2017 Speech Industry Luminaries: Rand Hindi

The 2017 Speech Industry Luminaries: Dimitris Vassos

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