The State of the Speech Technology Industry

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It’s hard to consider the state of the speech industry without artificial intelligence (AI) immediately springing to mind. It’s a topic that dominates any technology conversation, but especially so in the speech and voice field, with the likes of Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant having opened the way for AI-powered speech applications of all stripes. So prevalent is AI that beginning in 2019 and continuing this year, we broke out AI as its own category in our annual industry update, now in its sixth iteration. From intelligent virtual assistants operating in the contact center and in assistive devices, to analytics that can measure a speaker’s emotional content, to voice biometrics for keeping our private information secure, we cover it all here. Click on the topics below to read how AI and related technologies continue to reshape the speech industry landscape.

The State of Speech Engines

The State of Speech Developer Platforms

The State of Speech Analytics

The State of Intelligent Virtual Assistants

The State of Voice Biometrics 

The State of Assistive Technology
The State of Artificial Intelligence

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