The Top Speech Technologies and Vendors: The 2023 Speech Industry Awards

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While the disruption brought by the pandemic has mostly receded, the disruptive potential of artificial intelligence continues to build. The release of ChatGPT late last year showed the world what large language models could do, and now generative AI is finding its way into speech technologies of all stripes. It’s little wonder that OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, earned a spot in our annual Speech Industry Awards, given to the vendors who led the way in innovation in the past year. But it’s hardly alone in the breakthrough department. Below, you’ll read about technology that allows users to create talking digital avatars with a click of a button, a text-to-speech app that can re-create any voice using a three-second clip, and, amid all of this voice cloning wizardry, a technology that can detect deepfakes in real time. The achievements are astounding, and they’re all here in our Speech Industry Awards for 2023. --the Editors

2023 Speech Industry Winner: D-ID Gives a Human Face and Voice to AI

2023 Speech Industry Winner: ID R&D Pioneers Liveness Detection

2023 Speech Industry Winner: Microsoft’s VALL-E Breaks the Mold in AI Training

2023 Speech Industry Winner: NVIDIA Is Making Voice AI Better for Almost Everyone

2023 Speech Industry Winner: OpenAI and Its ChatGPT Upended Everything

2023 Speech Industry Winner: ReadSpeaker Embeds TTS in Many More Platforms

2023 Speech Industry Winner: Resemble AI Fights for Responsible Use of Voice Clones

2023 Speech Industry Winner: SoundHound AI Brings Brings Speech Breakthroughs to the Mainstream

2023 Speech Industry Winner: Speechmatics Inches Closer Toward a Universal Translator

2023 Speech Industry Winner: SyncWords Leads in Live Captioning, Dubbing, and Subtitling

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