CallMiner Introduces Eureka Fall 2015

CallMiner, a provider of interaction analytics solutions, today previewed its next major software release, Eureka Fall 2015. Scheduled to be released later this year, Eureka Fall 2015 offers user experience enhancements, agent performance management improvements, data interoperability features, faster implementation time, and several other upgrades.

"It all started with an overhaul of the user experience," says Scott Kendrick, vice president of marketing and product management at CallMiner, "to help increase the speed with which companies are able to extract the intelligence."

The new interface is optimized to support the broader range of devices in use at most companies. It also has been optimized to provide faster and more intuitive search functionality, improved tool design for the creation of categories and scores, enhanced call playback and contact detail views, new administrative tools, and expanded dashboards and administrative control of user permissions.

Eureka Fall 2015 also integrates agent and team performance management. Search results highlight scores of interest, and contact detail views now contain integrated scorecards for performance evaluation. Performance scores can now be automatically populated or manually reviewed and adjusted. Contact tagging of groups of contacts or sections of transcripts, threaded contact discussions, and scorecard commenting improve coaching workflows and supervisor/agent collaboration. The process for building scores has also been streamlined.

"You can get performance results returned on every call or view scorecards for every agent," Kendrick says.

Eureka Fall 2015 introduces a "completely overhauled and greatly improved" application programmable interface (API) and software development kit (SDK), according to Kendrick. These improvements will further enable companies, solution providers, and third-party software vendors to extract interaction analytics data and integrate it into other systems and applications, such as workforce optimization or CRM platforms.

The Eureka Fall 2015 release also contains new engagement optimization features to help companies understand and optimize the complete customer journey across channels and interactions. Engagement journey visualization reveals which paths drive the greatest resolution rates. New call path visualizations will enable analysts and supervisors to understand the optimal conversational path for interactions by benchmarking desired outcomes. Improved discovery tools round out the improvements.

"We now provide much better views of the entire customer journey," Kendrick says, "including all the interactions a customer may have had with the organization and how the organization responded during each of those interactions."

CallMiner also this week introduced Fast-Track, a simplified installation methodology and toolset to get customers up and running within days or hours. Improved administrative tools included with Eureka Fall 2015 provide end user control of data mapping and integration.

With Fast-Track, Kendrick says, "companies can be more independent and do not have to be so reliant on CallMiner professional services teams to get them up and running."

According to Kendrick, CallMiner has been involved in the speech and interaction analytics space since 2002, and the Eureka product has really gathered momentum in the past two to three years. The Fall 2015 release, he adds, is one of the company's most ambitious overhauls.

"Adoption of interaction analytics is taking off like a rocket ship," said Terry Leahy, CallMiner's president and CEO, in a statement. "Analytics has moved from a nice-to-have to a must-have, and the market demands ease of use and speed to intelligence, not necessarily more features. Eureka Fall 2015 delivers on this demand and provides an application platform for forward enhancement."

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