Nuance Releases Dragon Medical One Dictation Platform

Nuance Communications has released a cloud-based dictation platform called Dragon Medical One that will be the new keystone for its suite of Dragon healthcare recording products.

As physicians' time becomes more fractured among numerous clinical environments, and hospitals demand higher and more efficient participation by physicians in the creation of electronic health records (EHR), Dragon Medical One aims to give medical professionals a solution that allows them to use dictation that is tailored to their needs and accessible through multiple portals.

"Nuance embraced cloud-based technology for the healthcare space about five years ago," says Jonathon Dreyer, director of cloud and mobile solutions marketing in Nuance's Healthcare Division, "and Dragon Medical One is really the culmination of the last five years of work in different areas."

Implementations of Nuance's EHR Dragon Medical and Choice for Dragon Medical healthcare dictation are still available. However, Dragon Medical One seeks to work with partners that broaden the ecosystem beyond the EHR.

"Over the last two years or so, Nuance has seen physicians interacting more and more with technology outside of the EHR. They're communicating with other physicians. They're creating their documentation or looking up clinical information. So Nuance wanted to bring the continuity of the voice experience that the users currently have on the desktop or through the EHR to these other applications that they interact with on a daily basis," Dreyer says, citing non-EHR medical apps, such as secure messaging through Imprivata or Doc Halo.

The central component of this continuity is the Nuance Healthcare ID, a unique user profile that is referenced whenever a medical professional accesses Dragon Medical One. With the Nuance Healthcare ID, users are provided access to the Dragon Medical One ecosystem of speech-enabled workflows regardless of application, device, or physical location. With the Nuance Healthcare ID, physicians can also use Dragon's suite of enhancements, such as Dragon Medical Advisor or Dragon PowerPack, to customize their workflows and specialized vocabularies in a way that remains consistent, no matter where or how they are accessing Dragon Medical One.

As for security concerns, Dragon Medical One uploads audio streams to the cloud once a user begins dictation, returning text and actions from command prompts. Dragon Medical One then purges audio after each session to ensure that medical data exists only where physicians choose to input it. In addition, while no specific audio stream is retained, Dragon Medical One uses data from each to improve both the individual speech profiles of users as well as the performance of the Dragon Medical engine.

Finally, Dragon Medical One represents a step forward in analytics reporting. For the administrator, the program can deliver trending data that shows the applications with which physicians are most using Dragon Medical One, as well as training data that reports the frequency with which individual physicians use dictation or other, more advanced features. Usage data shows where and when spikes and drops in dictation occur. Dragon Medical One can also report cumulative change ratio, a new metric that indicates how physicians are using the program and how often records are being modified, which will help guide decisions in training and workflow modification.

While Dragon Medical One is still brand new, Nuance already has hopes for further improvements and expansions, including analytical capabilities for other Dragon products and partner applications.

"What we're looking to do with Dragon Medical One is to holistically pull together other solutions. In the near future that means looking to use that core analytic platform to give a view of not only the speech aspect, but also the other information that are coming in through enhancements," Dreyer says.

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