ART's smARTspeak XG Ported To Texas Instruments' DSP Platform

ATLANTA, GA - ART Advanced Recognition Technologies Inc. announced the porting of its smARTspeak XG speech recognition solution to Texas Instruments Inc.'s (TI) power-efficient TMS320C5000 digital signal processor (DSP) platform. An embedded, software-only solution, smARTspeak XG has passed eXpressDSP compliancy on TI DSPs, ensuring compatibility of algorithms and ease of integration into customer applications. ART's smARTspeak XG provides speaker independent name dialing and other dynamic command functions. The XG is an evolution of the all-in-one smARTspeak NG recognition bundle previously ported to TI's code-compatible TMS320C54x and TMS320C55x platforms. "TI's DSP platform already drives thousands of applications on next generation hand-held and Internet-enabled multimedia devices around the world," says Raymond J. Wagstaffe, Texas Instrument's Worldwide DSP Third Party Manager. "Dedicated to providing the very best real-time technologies for tomorrow's hand-held multimedia applications, we are confident that our customers will see the value of the eXpressDSP compliant smARTspeak XG for their real-time designs and will welcome the dynamic phonemic-based solutions made possible by ART." "After more than a decade of creating ground-breaking speech recognition solutions, we are delighted with the reception that ART's new smARTspeak XG has received at Texas Instruments," said Eran Aharonson, ART's President. "High in feature-rich potential and low in resource demands, we are committed to creating the exciting next generation of hand-held, PC-connected and Internet-enabled products on TI's programmable and ultra power-efficient C5000 platform."
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