Acapela Adds Italian Children's TTS Voices

Acapela Group has introduced Aurora and Alessio, two new Italian children's text-to-speech voices.

In 2012, Acapela unveiled AssistiveWare children's voices in U.K. English, providing a voice to more than 74,000 children and teens in England who couldn't speak for themselves. The company then started to develop children's voices in other languages, and now has a repertoire of 20 children's voices.

The Italian children's voices are joining voices that already enable young users around the world to speak in U.S., U.K., and Australian English, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, and bilingual American English/North American Spanish.

The Italian children's voices have been developed with Helpicare, a company dedicated to providing AAC solutions for the Italian market, and AssistiveWare, a developer of AAC apps for iOS. Helpicare was involved in casting, recordings, and helping achieve very high-quality voices for Aurora and Alessio.

The Italian voices will become available in Infovox iVox, Proloquo4Text, and Pictello later this year.

In addition to some pre-recorded voice "smileys," the Acapela voices also come with laughter, swallowing, and specific sounds for a cat, dog, monkey, bee, horse, train, siren, and more.

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