Acapela Creates a Business Unit Dedicated to Accessibility

To meet growing demands for voice solutions adapted to the accessibility market, Acapela Group is creating a division dedicated to inclusiveness, with an initial specific focus on speech impairments, learning disabilities, visual impairments, and the needs of seniors.

Acapela Inclusive aims to provide everyone, whatever their disability or impairment, with a voice, to help them live more independently through easy access to technology.

Acapela's more than 100 unique text-to-speech voices can either speak or read content in 34 languages. In addition, the company can recreate individuals' voices, letting people at risk of losing their voices to disease or disability preserve them for later use in text-to-speech applications.

"Our company has been present for decades in the accessibility market, helping users live and succeed in their everyday environments. We have established strong relationships with the whole community, including partners, institutions, customers, distributors, and end users, and our voices ease the daily life of thousands of people around the world. Our expertise, the ongoing ground-breaking innovations in the voice area, and our capability to create voices for everyone in new ways means we are in an optimal position to create original, dynamic solutions for all end users of all ages, from kids to seniors," said Nicolas Mazars, who is heading the new business unit.

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