Acoustic Magic Launches USB Version of its Array Microphone

SUDBURY, MA - Acoustic Magic Inc. launched the USB version of its Voice Tracker desktop array microphone, designed to bring clarity to users of speech recognition word processing/command and control software as well as to participants in teleconferences. The USB version allows direct connection of the Voice Tracker to the computer, bypassing the sound card. The Voice Tracker fits under a computer monitor or on a conferencing stand and employs a "listening beam" that electronically follows talkers located in different positions around the room. The beam acts as an acoustic searchlight, picking up voices but spatially filtering out background noise. Because the device is free-standing, users are liberated from headsets and handheld dictating machines -- allowing them to move around while dictating (speech recognition) or talking (teleconferencing). The Voice Tracker is certified by ScanSoft for use with its Dragon NaturallySpeaking software and IBM for use with ViaVoice software. "This product will revolutionize the dictation process for customers who want to dictate to their computers but don't want to wear a headset," said Anke Conzelmann, Product Marketing Manager at ScanSoft. According to Acoustic Magic President and CEO Bob Feingold, the VoiceTracker is also proving useful in VoIP and conventional teleconferencing because of its long range, wide field of view, noise reduction, and echo elimination features. The Voice Tracker is a dual function microphone: users can talk to their computer (speech recognition) and through their computer (VoIP teleconferencing).
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