Botium Launches Botium Coach Bot Testing Solution

Botium, a provider of chatbot testing and training technologies, has launched a performance testing system called Botium Coach.

The Austrian startup's newest product is an open-source testing tool for chatbot conversations. It uses natural language processing and comes with an entire management toolbox with predefined test environments and test sets containing thousands of instant runnable tests. Tests can be executed in seconds, and they are repeatable with every software update.

Botium combines conversational testing and NLP analytics. Conversational testing enables users to assert the context of the conversation and check all steps processed. Botium Coach provides visual insights to NLP performance metrics, identifies which conversation types training data fails at recognizing and suggests steps for improving it. It uses statistical metrics to make NLP model training cycles comparable and points out areas of interest. Botium Coach will detect any issues within test results and recommends actions to improve the overall NLU performance.

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