BrightSpeech Deployed in Visibridge VoiceXML Gateway Server

MONS, BELGIUM - Babel Technologies S.A., a global provider of speech and language technology, announced that Visibridge, a software development company that specializes in making existing Web-based applications accessible without a PC, has successfully integrated Babel's Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine, BrightSpeech, onto its VoiceXML Gateway Server product, Visibridge VoiceXML Gateway Server. This will feature U.S. English, French and Spanish language versions of BrightSpeech. Visibridge's VoiceXML IVR solutions enable businesses to reach customers via different methods so that the same services that drive sales and support customers on the Web can be made available to anyone using a phone. Customers and employees can place orders and access information on the Internet via the phone, simply by speaking. Visibridge offers VoiceXML 2.0 compliant products, turnkey systems, hosted solutions and professional services for IVR and self-serve applications. The VoiceXML Gateway family of products support all SAPI 5.1 compliant TTS and ASR engines. Available in configurations from one to hundreds of ports, and compatible with a wide variety of telecom hardware, the Visibridge VoiceXML Gateway is scalable. "Visibridge is pleased to announce this important and strategic agreement with Babel Technologies," said Tony Pardal, Visibridge vice-president of Business Development. "By combining the strengths of BrightSpeech TTS with Visibridge's advanced VoiceXML Gateway Server line of products, Visibridge is able to deliver innovative voice solutions to the mass-market and to customers desiring high-value alternatives with uncompromising quality." "Today, customers demand 24/7 levels of service and support via a myriad of devices," said Vincent Fontaine, CEO of Babel Technologies. "By integrating BrightSpeech onto its Visibridge VoiceXML Gateway Server, Visibridge can help its customers to deliver even higher levels of service around the clock. This application demonstrates how easily BrightSpeech can be embedded and how cost-effectively it can be deployed by other companies, to further improve the quality of service their customers experience."
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