Brooktrout Integrates Platform with Babel TTS

NEW YORK, NY - Brooktrout Technology Inc., a supplier of media processing, network interface, call control and signal processing products, and Babel Technologies, a company that provides pioneering speech and language technology, announced that the successful integration of Brooktrout's TR1000™ speech processing platform and Babel's BrightSpeech text-to-speech (TTS) engine will be showcased at SpeechTEK. Babel Technologies will demonstrate three sample applications running on Brooktrout's TR1000, including a parcel tracking service; "type and talk," where the user types text and the machine speaks it; and the reading of news and weather reports. "Babel has been working on a demonstration of a few applications that will be shown at SpeechTEK 2003 at Babel's booth #413," said Vincent Fontaine, CEO of Babel Technologies. "Using Brooktrout's TR1000 platform, Babel will show how easily a next-generation text-to-speech engine like BrightSpeech can be integrated onto this platform. The demonstration highlights the benefits and convenience of eloquent hardware like the TR1000 and a powerful TTS engine. Working with Brooktrout, a well established pioneer of innovative hardware and software platforms, on this application was a clear choice for us." "Text-to-speech is an important component of automated information delivery applications, from mobile e-mail readers to interactive voice response," said Keith Byerly, market development manager at Brooktrout. "The quality of the underlying text-to-speech engine can make or break these speech-driven applications, so as a provider of open systems enabling technology, we continue to seek out partnerships with third-party speech vendors like Babel Technologies to provide a wide range of compatible and reliable technology choices for our customers." Also from Brooktrout Technology Brooktrout and VoiceGenie Deliver Integrated Solution for Advanced Speech-Enabled Applications NEW YORK, NY - Brooktrout Technology Inc. and VoiceGenie Technologies, announced that VoiceGenie's latest generation VoiceXML platform is now supported by Brooktrout's TR1000™ speech processing platform. Based on a completely open-standards architecture, the integrated platform is a flexible foundation for speech-driven applications. This comprehensive solution combines a VoiceXML interpreter with full support for VoiceXML 2.0 specifications, highly functional extensions, powerful call management and enhanced centralized platform management with Brooktrout's flagship TR1000 speech processing board. "This tightly integrated platform configuration is the result of many man-years of collaborative effort by Brooktrout and VoiceGenie," said Stuart Berkowitz, president and CEO of VoiceGenie Technologies Inc. "It allows VoiceXML developers to focus on the development of sophisticated applications without being burdened by the complexities of telephony, enabling them to build and deploy complex voice applications faster and easier." "The partnership between Brooktrout and VoiceGenie reflects our mutual commitment to creating a robust, standards-based platform for speech development - one that allows VoiceXML developers to focus on creating innovative, valuable speech applications," said Eric Giler, president of Brooktrout. "Brooktrout's expertise in media processing, coupled with VoiceGenie's leadership in VoiceXML platform solutions, together provides an ideal platform for the development and deployment of standards-based speech applications." Also from Brooktrout Technology Brooktrout Technology Empowers Voice and Speech Developers with Comprehensive Development Program NEW YORK, NY - Brooktrout Technology Inc., announced The Brooktrout Net, a comprehensive development program that provides the tools and support needed to speed development time and get to market quickly. Voice and speech developers who join The Brooktrout Net will receive many valuable benefits including, Brooktrout's TR1000™ speech processing development kit, free application consultation with Brooktrout experts, application testing, and free, dedicated one-on-one technical support. The Brooktrout Net includes: An advanced TR1000 voice and speech processing development kit at no cost; free application consultation; an assigned Brooktrout Technical Expert for support through development and deployment; free code review at a time of the developer's choosing, either during development or during the testing phase; free lab time at any of Brooktrout's three labs located in Needham, Mass, Brussels, Belgium, or Los Gatos, Calif.; and free development time at Brooktrout. "Customers and developers are looking for solutions that accelerate their time to market," said Mark Plakias, senior analyst at Zelos Group. "Now that speech has been proven across a wide spectrum of applications, market leadership is defined by companies who can assist partners with meaningful tools, programs, and economic support. The Brooktrout Net is a great example of a partner-friendly program that will help get solutions to market faster." "The level of support provided by The Brooktrout Net is significant and reflects Brooktrout's unique value as a true development partner," said Jeremy Bernard, director of marketing from Diaphonics. "In addition to their development support, Brooktrout also provides a broad range of board-level products that are designed for all types and sizes of voice and speech applications, from simple IVR to carrier-grade conferencing." "We are excited to join The Brooktrout Net and take advantage of the suite of development tools and support that this program provides," said Denny Michael, vice president of marketing for Sound Advantage. "By giving us access to their next generation products, testing labs and tech support, our engineers are able to get a head start in looking at the possibility of including these products in future versions of our Seneca line of speech-enabled unified office solution."
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