CEC Systems Deploys Speech-enabled E-commerce Solution

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - CEC Systems of Edinburgh has developed a speech enabled e-commerce site to help sell products for an Aberdeenshire company selling cases to the North Sea Industries and beyond. Soon after developing PanaVox, an implementation of universal speech technology access on the Web, Gordon Renton of CEC Systems applied the technology to help sell goods and services on the internet. This solution is being used by a specialist case company from Aberdeenshire as their products which, although look simple, have a great deal of technology built into their construction for the repeated transport of delicate and expensive equipment. As a buyer looks at Web site images PanaVox Speech Technology describes details which can't be seen or easily illustrated. Some customers are contacting the internet from ships and because their speech technology works on 33 and 56K modem links no customer however remote is excluded. "Selling transportation cases is a complex transaction as equipment is often exposed to the extreme environment of the off shore industry or baggage handlers at international airports or small landing strips," said Ramsay Mowat of Keltic Cases Ltd. "Customers have to be reassured their equipment will arrive in one piece. We can describe aluminum gauge or load bearing which is often in the detail but not immediately obvious." "The company had identified these shortcomings and we set about solving them," said Renton. "Highlighting the small print as speech will ensure the case is up to the job and every effort is made to describe any safety features which are relevant. The same can be said of any product like buying cold remedies over the internet. It also gives the chance to advertise complimentary products."
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