China's Capital Train Station Selects InfoTalk's Technology

BEIJING and HONG KONG - China's Capital Train Station, Beijing Station, has deployed InfoTalk Corporation's award-winning speech recognition technology, InfoTalk-Recognizer, for the first automated train information system to replace its operator-based system.


Being the capital train station, Beijing Train Station is the heart of the railway network in China, accessing neighboring countries and all major cities across China. More than 84 trains arrive at or depart from the station every day, serving more than 60,000 passengers. With such a high traffic volume, the demand for train information has always been enormous. There has been a need for the station to provide better customer service. Beijing Train Station has therefore appointed Yihaifeng Electronic Technology, a high-tech company specializing in computer-telephony integration in Beijing, to deploy the automated system with InfoTalk's advanced speech recognition technology.


With the InfoTalk-enabled schedule and information system in place, callers no longer need to wait for the next available operator. Travelers and callers can now get the train information required in a split second by speaking in Putonghua. Callers can say what they want in the middle of a system prompt. Calling time has been significantly decreased and travelers' satisfaction is enhanced thanks to the speech technology provided by InfoTalk.

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