ClearCaptions Increases Call Captioning Speed and Accuracy

ClearCaptions, a provider of call captioning, has been certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to incorporate enhanced automatic speech recognition (ASR) for increased speed and accuracy. The company's captioning service provides near real-time transcription of spoken phone conversations into text captions made visible to the user during an active call on specially designed home phones, iPads, and iPhones.

With ASR, ClearCaptions will provide increased benefits, including more accuracy, full capitalization and punctuation, increased speed, and a more consistent user experience.

"With enhanced ASR technology, our customers will witness a vast increase in captioning speed and overall satisfaction," said ClearCaptions CEO Robert Rae in a statement. "This is vital to our users who depend on ClearCaptions for their daily communication."

"At ClearCaptions we're always innovating on our technology to deliver the best service to our customers," said ClearCaptions' chief technology officer, Raghu Dhulipala, in a statement. "We've been perfecting the use of ASR technology to deliver the highest levels of performance, reliability and availability for senior citizens and other hard of hearing individuals."

Validating the accuracy and performance of ClearCaptions ASR technology, theFCC National Testing Lab showed the company's captioning error rate as much as 5 percent lower than those using human-assisted captioners. In addition, ClearCaptions' own testing using Cositics, an external testing company, found its ASR-only captioning was approximately 1 percent more accurate than the industry average

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