Convergys Urges Automated, Personalized Approach to Happy Customers

Stressing the need for a uniform, automation-driven business optimization process, Convergys today announced the formation of its new Relationship Management Technology group.

Using applications such as the company's Dynamic Decisions solution as a platform, the group aims to help enterprises bolster customer satisfaction through a combination of consulting services, business analytics, and technology. Examining data derived from technology, Convergys says its clients will better understand their end users, and enable employees to provide stronger customer service.

Andrea Ayers will lead Convergys' Relationship Management Technology group, an organization she says was formed in response not only to client need, but the changing demographics of end users. "We're finding that customers are demanding more, that they want to be able to reach their information across multiple channels—the Web, speech applications, live agents, and SMS updates," she states. "The key is to integrate these all together to give customers a seamless experience, regardless of that channel. Customers want the same look and feel regardless of the channel they enter."

And, Ayers notes, Convergys' new group forms as customer satisfaction rates have either decreased or leveled, while the cost associated with customer care increases. The best way to improve satisfaction while keeping cost in check, she says, is automation.

"Our automation solutions can tune, tweak, and balance that need for personalized customer experience," she says. "Most companies are struggling with that balance of how to provide stellar customer experience but do it within an affordability range, and automation plays a big role in that."

The new service drills heavily into two of Convergys' prime services: speech applications for the call center, and live agents. Using data culled from these two sections of the business process, the group plans to help companies gain insight into the user experience, while allowing enterprises to drill into select segments of their end user population. For example, Ayers highlights a recent pilot deployment of Convergys' Dynamic Decisions solution. The customer, a North American wireless service provider, wanted to raise profitability from a section of its customers. Using Convergys' consulting and technology services, the company achieved ROI within eight weeks, and saved $100 million in a year.

As Ayers explains, "We all like personalized care, and it's great for the companies because they can really drive offers, solutions, and recommendations, while driving up customer satisfaction. It's all about balancing the technology, analytics, and the experience."

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