Cooper University Health Care Adopts Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience

Cooper University Health Care in New Jersey is adopting Nuance Communications' Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) ambient clinical intelligence (ACI) solution to transform physician-patient encounters, reduce physicians' administrative tasks, advance patient care with real-time knowledge automation, and enhance documentation in the electronic health record (EHR) system.

Nuance DAX securely captures and contextualizes physician-patient conversations and powers both virtual and in-person exams with clinical documentation that writes itself.

Cooper University Health Care will first introduce Nuance DAX at its Voorhees and Cherry Hill ambulatory centers for in-person patient visits. The Nuance DAX solution expands on the Nuance Dragon Medical One already in use by Cooper. Additionally, Cooper will use the Nuance virtual assistant capabilities through Epic mobile apps as well as the cloud-based Nuance PowerScribe 360 radiology reporting platform.

"As the leading academic health system in South Jersey, we empower our physicians with cutting-edge technology to enable them to make the most of their time with their patients and deliver the highest quality care. The Nuance DAX solution is another innovative technology that will allow our physicians to worry less about administrative tasks and use more of their time doing what they love – caring for patients," said Anthony Mazzarelli, co-president and CEO of Cooper, in a statement.

"Cooper University Health Care is prioritizing patient care and physician satisfaction through innovative technology. Without any technology barriers, physicians have more focus and greater connections with patients," said Diana Nole, executive vice pesident and general mnager of Nuance Healthcare, in a statement. "By putting the patient front and center and capturing all relevant clinical information, the result is high-quality patient care and appropriate reimbursement. Leveraging AI technology that addresses physician exhaustion and burnout from administrative tasks also overcomes the challenges associated with legacy physical scribe solutions that require another person in the exam room, is very expensive, has high turnover rates, and is not feasible during the pandemic."

"For over eight years, we've been working with Nuance to deliver innovative solutions that allow our physicians to meet and exceed patient expectations when it comes to care. By capturing every word of the physician-patient encounter and automatically generating the clinical note, the Nuance DAX solution frees physicians to focus more on interacting with their patient rather than documentation, which improves the overall experience for both patient and physician," said Snehal Gandhi, medical director of the Division of Hospital Medicine, Department of Medicine, and vice president of medical informatics and care delivery innovation at Cooper, in a statement.

"We are also seeking ways to reduce burnout of our physicians and improving their experience for our patients utilizing the latest and greatest technology," said Dustin Hufford, senior vice president and chief information officer at Cooper, in a statement. "Nuance has developed a unique solution to a problem that's persisted for a long time, which is the need to document intricate details of an office visit."

Innovated by Nuance and Microsoft, Nuance DAX is built on investments in conversational artificial intelligence and backed by Microsoft Azure cloud services. Nuance DAX extends Dragon Medical with artificial intelligence to create a fully voice-enabled and ambient exam room environment.

Available for a growing range of medical specialties, the Nuance DAX ambient solution includes the following:

  • A mobile app for deployment across virtual and in-person visits as well as a purpose-built ambient device with advanced capabilities for exam rooms.
  • An automated clinical documentation capability powered by deep-learning-based AI.
  • A growing list of integrated Dragon virtual assistant skills through a hands-free access point that enables care teams to complete tasks in real time within their EHR and other third-party applications.

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