DTN Introduces ProphetX 3.3

OMAHA, Neb. - DTN, a business-to-business provider of transaction management and market information services, introduced DTN ProphetX 3.3, the newest version of its trading platform. Among several new enhancements, DTN ProphetX 3.3 includes an integrated order execution capability which allows users to trade futures contracts within DTN ProphetX. The enhanced platform is available in several professional versions, including DTN ProphetX Commodities Edition, DTN ProphetX Energy Edition, and DTN ProphetX Ethanol Edition.

Through DTN's partnership with Trading Technologies (TT), DTN ProphetX 3.3 offers exchange connectivity which enables traders to make trading decisions then execute those trades from one platform. DTN has added improved redundancy and failover capabilities, a proprietary tick-scrubbing process, and quote data and news processing systems.

Another enhancement is an expanded options charting function. With the release of ProphetX 3.3, DTN users have access to linked chart displays of options greeks, implied volatility, volume, and open interest.

New charting capabilities also include the addition of forward curves and a new Quote Meter display. Quote Meter is a new charting display that shows relative strength between various contracts and instruments over four different time intervals. A tool for observing price activity and volatility, Quote Meter can help traders determine whether particular stocks and commodities are losing or gaining momentum.

Popular DTN ProphetX features found in version 3.3 include extended display across multiple monitors, integrated 'drag and drop' features, and keyboard shortcuts that assist in creating new displays from existing data, such as spread displays and chart overlays. Price alerts can be set up and customized through visual, audio, email or text-to-speech cues. Finally, news coverage is streamed from a range of sources including DTN's own newsroom, Reuters, Dow Jones, Barclays, and others.


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