Diaphonics Launches Spike Server

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA - Diaphonics, a developer of voice-driven security technologies, announced the availability of Spike Server - a hardware and software solution that guards against fraud and enhances the security of telephone and Internet transactions. These transactions include such things as stock trades, product ordering or any card-not-present credit card transaction. Spike Server combines biometric speaker verification to identify callers and Diaphonics' SoundByte technology to record important transactions and create a secure, searchable audit trail of all customer or employee interactions. "In order to make a transaction valid you need to prove three things - the identity of the caller, what was agreed upon and the integrity of the information," said James Craig, president and CEO of Diaphonics. "Our Spike Server proves each of these things and gives both customers and businesses the confidence of a secure transaction." Using voice biometrics, which is based on the fact that each person has a unique voice pattern or voiceprint, Spike Server confirms the identity of the caller in a given transaction. To enroll, a caller repeats a series of phrases or digits, creating a voice sample, which is then converted into a digital voiceprint and stored. The caller can then access the system by speaking a series of words or digits. If the voice pattern matches the saved voiceprint, then authentication is considered successful. But if the voice pattern does not match, then the caller is rejected or passed through to a live agent. Once in the system, Diaphonics' SoundByte technology records the key details of the voice transaction and creates a biometric watermark, which is stored as a digital file. A virtual link between the user's voiceprint and the recording is created, which connects the caller's identity to the transaction. The watermark, recording and voiceprint are then securely archived to create an irrefutable audit trail. "For a business, Spike Server is a reliable and cost effective way to reduce fraud and provide customers with a secure mode of conducting business transactions," said Craig. "Customers can also rest assured that their identities are being protected and that their transactions are being executed properly."
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