Doctors Hospital to Deploy Speech-Activated Paging from Amcom

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Amcom Software Inc. announced that it will install a speech-activated paging system at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Ga. Scheduled for November 2003 installation, the new DocLink™ Meet-Me Paging system is expected to simplify paging for physicians and medical staff while greatly reducing their time to connect. DocLink Meet-Me Paging, the latest in a suite of speech recognition applications from Amcom, enables medical personnel to page each other without operator assistance and without the uncertainty of hanging up and waiting for a callback. Users say the name of the person they wish to page, provide their own name and stay on the line to be connected. If the recipient accepts the call, the system automatically connects both parties for a conversation or can provide coverage/transfer options if the recipient is unavailable. System features let the called party screen calls and either accept or reject them; rejected calls may be routed to other destinations such as voicemail or the operator. The speech-enabled paging system will use the same directory database currently used by the Doctors Hospital operators at their PC consoles. All pages will be sent via industry-standard protocols to in-house or wide-area devices, and all paging transactions will be logged for tracking and reporting.
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