Don Johnston Selects Acapela Text-to-Speech for SOLO

Don Johnston, a learning intervention resources provider that has dedicated the last 25 years to helping struggling students around the world, has chosen Acapela's text-to-speech to voice enable its solution.

The SOLO solution helps students in reading comprehension, planning and organizing information for a first draft, and expressing knowledge in a final revised and edited paper. With SOLO, student preferences can be set to match the level of support on an individual basis.

Acapela text-to-speech, which reads aloud any text in voice, provides feedback, thus allowing students to assess their own work. Using SOLO, a student will, for instance, listen what has been written, while evaluating word choice and sentence fluency.

"Acapela text to speech adds a powerful and natural dimension of voice to SOLO, which actively contributes to the motivation of students to compose, revise and edit independently. The student gains in autonomy and confidence through a dynamic and user friendly interface." said Don Johnston, CEO.

SOLO combines solutions from Don Johnston, namely its Co:Writer, Draft:Builder, and Write:OutLoud - and introduces Read:OutLoud. SOLO helps teachers present grade-level curriculum to students of differing abilities with guided support for reading comprehension and structured models for writing.

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