E-Complish Launches DirectPay IVR

E-Complish, a payment solutions provider, has launched DirectPay, an inbound/outbound automated phone payments system that allows businesses to accept a wide variety of payment types over the phone using a series of pre-recorded messages. DirectPay also integrates with other E-Complish solutions using the company's online payment system, VirtualPay.

"The question 'what is IVR' still comes up with particular frequency from select businesses, despite the technology's growing ubiquity," said Stephen Price, E-Complish's CEO, in a statement. "That's because many smaller operations, knowing full well the continued importance of telephone-based transactions and communications, maintain an antiquated approach; in some cases hiring whole subdivisions in their company to handle the increasing call volume. But as technologists know, the more complicated a system gets, the more failure-prone it becomes. Our IVR system streamlines the process, delivering satisfaction to customers and business owners alike."

The system allows businesses to take phone calls any day or time of the week, process transactions in real time, customize the messages and prompts customers will hear, and access detailed reports and transaction data.

"The magic behind the E-Complish IVR system comes down the software's ability to track several customer metrics: the way they input dollar amounts over the phone, number-entry for credit card instructions, automated message length, and system exit voice prompt," Price said. "With these abilities firmly established in this and in next-generation IVR solutions, it is my hope that in the not too distant future the question 'what is IVR' will be entirely obsolete."

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