Eicon Networks Provides SS7 Signaling Support for Diva Server Line and Integrates SIP for Diva Server HMP Product

MONTREAL, Quebec - Eicon Networks Corporation released new software to provide SS7 signaling protocol support for its Diva Server product line. The new Diva Server SoftSS7 software enables all existing or new applications written to any of the Diva Server APIs, including CAPI, to operate in both ISDN and SS7/ISUP carrier environments.

With the new Diva Server SoftSS7 software, only SS7-relevant parameters need to be configured when installing an application with Diva Server PRI/E1 adapters to operate in a PSTN using SS7 signaling. Diva Server SoftSS7 is designed for call routing, messaging and 3G video telephony. It can also be used with any application that is directly linked to a carrier network.

The new software supports from 0 to 247 channels or Circuit Identification Codes (CICs) per server. Like all other Diva Server products, all supported applications and connection types can be used in parallel (e.g. fax, analog, VoIP, V.90). In addition, line testers or protocol converters for SIP, Q-SIG, ETSI and SS7 can be implemented on a single multi-PRI adapter.

Eicon Networks Corporation also released the evaluation version of Diva Server SoftIP v2.0-SIP. This release is compatible with SIP (RFC 3261).  Diva Server SoftIP v2.0-SIP complements Eicon's existing Diva Server SoftIP offering for H.323 environments which has been available in the market since mid 2004.

Diva Server SoftIP enables the delivery of voice and unified communications software applications and solutions into a market migrating to IP. An application can either be deployed in TDM environments using Diva Server telephony adapters with Analog, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI and E1/T1 digital interfaces or in IP Telephony environments using Diva Server SoftIP with support for SIP, H.323, H.450, RTP and T.38 protocols.

Diva Server SoftIP v2.0-SIP supports fax over IP connections with up to 33.6 kbps fax transmission speed based on the ITU-T T.38 standard. This feature allows fax and unified messaging applications to exploit the advantages of IP communications.

Other key benefits of Diva Server SoftIP v2.0-SIP include an implementation of SIP telephony services, such as numbering services, call hold/retrieve, call transfer and message waiting indicator (MWI) to enable a complete telephony solution mirroring critical features previously found in TDM environments. These services are being made possible via support of the latest extended SIP methods e.g. INFO (RFC 2976), SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY (RFC 3265) and REFER (RFC 3515).

Diva Server SoftIP v2.0-SIP supports the current Microsoft Windows operating systems including Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 as well as the latest Linux versions of RedHat, Suse and Fedora distributions. Diva Server SoftIP v2.0-SIP introduces a new software licensing system which is based on software activation keys. This allows licenses to be generated for any number of channels and for different feature sets. It also allows for 30-day evaluation licenses. Commercial products include:

Item code Description:

316-040 Diva Server SoftIP-SIP, Base Product Telephony, 2 channels
316-042 Diva Server SoftIP-SIP, Base Product Fax T.38 (incl. Telephony), 2 channels
M01-040 Diva Server SoftIP-SIP, SW License Telephony, per channel
M02-040 Diva Server SoftIP-SIP, SW License Fax T.38 (incl. Telephony), per channel
M05-040 Diva Server SoftIP-SIP, SW License Fax T.38 upgrade, per channel 

Full commercial availability of the Microsoft Windows version of Diva Server SoftIP v2.0-SIP is scheduled for mid April 2006 with the Linux version of Diva Server SoftIP v2.0-SIP following in the second quarter of 2006.

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