Found It! EveryZing Releases New Search Services

In further attempts to bolster its place within the multimedia search field, EveryZing today released two new products: ezSEO and ezSEARCH.

Once part of BBN Technologies, EveryZing gives customers the ability to perform text searches to find specific sections of audio or video clips pertaining to their specific needs. For example, a user may wish to see just a snippet of a contestant tripping on the runway on America's Next Top Model. Multimedia search lets them do just that, without watching the show's remaining 43 minutes. And, with the growth of online video and audio content, EveryZing hopes its products tap into companies' increasing interest in migrating assets and advertising to the Web sphere.

The two products are being offered as hosted services, and work together to complement a company's multimedia strategy and presence. The ezSEARCH program is, according to EveryZing, a "single search box" that boosts multimedia views and customer satisfaction. The faster it is to locate their desired content, their thinking goes, the happier the consumer. Working in tandem with the ezSEARCH application, ezSEO (search engine optimization) helps send a company's multimedia content in one index over more search engines and Web pages.

"[ezSEO] takes that text output, and publishes hundreds or thousands of search-engine-friendly pages that allows the content to be discovered via Google, Yahoo, and Ask," says Tom Wilde, CEO of EveryZing. "This pushes the content into the Web search economy. Vertical search online hasn't worked -- consumers haven't gravitated toward vertical search nearly as much as they have Web search." Wilde also notes that Web search still represents 87 percent of online searches.

The new product also helps companies increase online advertising revenue. By extracting the type of content or key phrases a user searches for, EveryZing provides information to its clients about user interests. From there, companies can then show advertisers that they are able to narrow down their customers' interests and better place ads in tandem with audio or video.

"We create the inventory which leads to better discovery online, generates consumption, and, with all the text output we create, we're able to use that as a targeting mechanism for these advertisers," Wilde explains. "We can look inside the text, and we can see what they're talking about,and use that to target consumers."

Wilde also says that EveryZing is currently experimenting with technology that would allow users to better convert streaming audio and video files into searchable files, in real-time. Using their existing speech-to-text (STT) products, Wilde claims that users would be able to instantly access information from streaming media; a process that before took hours to break down and categorize.

"One of the big challenges media companies have, is the workflow involved in gettingtheir broadcast content up on the Web -- it's complicated," Wilde says. "We're experimenting with the ability to get that up within amatter of minutes. Using STT, ezSEO, all within minutes of the broadcast."

The company also announced several new customer wins. Entercom, Boston.com, Reuters, and Dow Jones all will be using the ezSEARCH and ezSEO products.

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