Google Adds Visual Interface to Speech-to-Text API

Google has added a visual interface to Google Cloud's Speech-to-Text API (STT API) n the Google Cloud console to make it even easier for developers to add speech functionality to their applications.

Previously,developers building on the STT API had test and fine-tune applications manually and had to either build their own tools or manage scripts and API calls to fully understand the API documentation. The new interface simplifies the process and includes Model Adaptation for customizing projects based on domains or use cases.

"Today's announcement significantly simplifies the process, facilitating iteration and integration of models into developers' applications by letting developers perform every API function from within the Google Cloud Console" Google explained in a blog post. "These tools will make it easier for developers to integrate the STT API with their products or services. This update also gives developers the ability to manage and quickly iterate on their STT model customizations with Model Adaptation."

The STT API is available in all Google Cloud regions and can be accessed by all GCP users at no additional cost. The STT API supports more than 70 languages and 120 local variants.

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