Gryphon Incorporates CallMiner’s Speech Analytics for Outbound Sales Calls

Gryphon Networks, a sales intelligence and marketing compliance solution provider, has incorporated CallMiner's speech analytics software into its cloud telephony platform.

Gryphon invented technology that blocks outbound telephone calls to phone numbers on the national Do Not Call registry. When a company makes outbound prospecting calls through Gryphon, the system can identify a phone number is on the list, and the call will automatically be blocked.  If the phone number is not on the registry, Gryphon's technology allows the call to go through.

With the added speech analytics component, Gryphon can now also listen to the path of the conversation for codes that representatives can use to tag the call. If an appointment is set, a sale closes, or a person says he doesn't want to be called again, the solution captures every detail about the call. 

"Because of the way the service works, we are able to indemnify our clients from violations from Do Not Call lists," says Eric Esfahanian, senior vice president of marketing and sales at Gryphon. "Our biggest clients are financial services firms—banks and insurance companies—which have large distributed sales teams that call consumers, and Do Not Call is a big issue for them. They outsource the risk to us, and we manage the whole process wherever the reps happen to be."

Esfahanian says that when the solution was launched, clients liked its ability to capture all the details related to a call and make it available in case of an audit, lawsuit, or inquiry from federal regulators. Then a lot of Gryphon's customers began to take the calling data from representatives scattered across the country and to use it to manage the effectiveness of their sales people. "There wasn't a good way to do this outside of a CRM, which is highly subjective, and activity information that is linked is very inconsistent and not all that accurate," he says.

The company subsequently built out its platform and made it accessible outside of 800 dial-ins, allowing representatives to make calls through other avenues, such as mobile phones or PCs that use a Gryphon line. The collected data is presented on dashboards showing sales activities across thousands of representatives and can identify patterns and training opportunities and troubleshoot issues.

"Because of Gryphon's in-network service, it was a simple next step to give our clients quantitative visibility to all the sales teams’ activities," Esfahanian says. "Call centers have been using call recording and analytics for years, but what happens if all your reps aren't sitting in one office calling through one phone system?"

Gryphon began to layer call recording that can be enabled at the user level, and added CallMiner's speech analytic solutions, CallMiner Eureka and myEureka Analytics. Gryphon uses a targeted set of speech analytics that gives sales managers qualitative insight into their teams' activities. "Our target market is distributed outbound calling, which typically never has had the luxury of speech analytics because of the distributed nature of the agents, but our secure cloud environment enables this," Esfahanian explains.

The software also targets different KPIs than inbound call centers. For example, instead of looking at hold times, it focuses on language used in calls: Is the agent leading the discussion or being led by the prospect? Such information is a meaningful performance indicator, according to Esfahanian. "The two buckets that our analytics focus on are sales effectiveness and compliance, not only with regulations, but specific business rules, such as adherence to scripts."

Gryphon Speech Analytics features include the following:

  • Proactive email alerts for when certain words or phrases are used by the agent or customer;
  • Performance Scorecards that allow managers to zero in on the performance metrics and benchmarks; and
  • Sensitive Data Redaction.

Gryphon Speech Analytics also measures sentiment from both parties on the call using acoustic indicators.

"You begin to see—not from one call but many—a picture of how an agent responds to a heightened sense of agitation or they could be the cause. These are the types of things that call centers have been doing for a long time, but once you get outside the walls of the contact center, it's like the Wild West," Esfahanian says. "Now you can apply speech analytics data that can help you run your business better."

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